AvS-Symbol aus dem Symbol-Shop   "It`s a kind of magic."  (click here to see the short video)
    The magic of living oneness and individuality at the same time.

37Stern  AvS means detachment from the system of negative energies

37Stern  As a power symbol it frees from the energy of fear and deficiency

37Stern  With the spiritual AvS-light-symbol you can live your pure potential

37Stern Quite simply you can order it in the shop and apply immediately

                  The abbreviation "AvS" is german.



Free yourself from
the system of the
old energy

Bianca Maria Krist

I am glad that the light of the AvS-energy leads you here, so that you too can live powerfully, joyful and caring.

The NEW AGE has begun and triggers on the energy-field of the old system.
The spiritual AvS-symbol is like a magnet that leads the New Energy to you and dissolves the structures of lack and fear. It connects you with your highest self.


The AvS-symbol
leads you
home into your
true greatness

AvS also means cutting the cord of symptoms - no matter by what imprints they are caused.
The AvS acts as a powerful force, healing and protection symbol. You can use the AvS-symbol efficiently in your everyday life, meditation, lightwork and any spiritual practice.
But even people, who offer professionally energetic healing, spiritual healing and energy-treatments as a psychic healer or shaman or light-worker, use the AvS-symbol successfully.


The symbol
acting individually
for you

Your AvS symbol is effective immediately. You will receive your order with an easily understandable instructions. Further support and applications you can find in the "Energy Tip of the Day". The AvS energy is visible and acts highly individual:
Active proof: Aura Photo - real evidence Certificate


The AvS-symbol acts as a symbol of power and healing
always to your highest good.
By AvS-energy you will receive strengthening and energizing for
• your intuition • chakras • meridians • awareness • personality • inner potential
• the room atmosphere • food and water • Chi / well-being • positive vibrations

The AvS-symbol acts as an energetic protection
exactly where you need it
• negative thoughts and feelings • vulnerability • weakness • discouragement • compulsion
• Energetic blockages • fears of all kinds • physical symptoms • depression • stress • burnout
• lack of self-esteem • fear of loss • electro smog and much more

SternActivate your liberty. You`ll receive the AvS-symbol in the store  in many designs and sizes (from 8 €) for versatile applications